Faculty should apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI) the last week they are working.  Benefits run from Sunday to Saturday.  To receive all the benefits that you are entitled to make sure you apply by the Saturday of the last week you are working.

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WVMFT is referring all eligible associate faculty to the following useful websites:

View these two video resources provided by EDD (Employment Development Dept.):

Cervisi Case

The outcome of this landmark case allows part-time and/or temporary faculty to apply and receive UI between sessions of employment (e.g. summer, winter, etc.) when they are not teaching even if they have a contract for the following session.  The reason is that a contract for a teaching assignment could be cancelled at any time due to low enrollment, therefore the “contract” can not be considered a reasonable assurance of future employment.

Based on the Cervisi Court Case, part time community college instructors do not have a future guarantee of work.  Faculty applying for UI should state in the phone interview that their class(es) can be cancelled for multiple reasons, i.e. lack of funding, lack of students, bumping by a full-time faculty member, etc.  CITE THE CERVISI DECISION IN YOUR CLAIM.

Needed Information for Your Claim

UI website (or phone interview) will likely ask you the following questions therefore it would be helpful to have this information on hand before you begin the online UI application:

The UI website is often difficult to use and slow during periods of high usage.  Some faculty have reported that it is easier to print the form on paper, fill it out manually, and send the application in via US mail.  If using the UI website, save often and consider making screenshots in case information is lost while applying for UI.

Additional resources can be found on the CFT website:

TIP:  Getting a hold of a real-person at EDD

Call this number (833) 978-2511 and press 1 immediately. Then when it gives an option to choose, (Around 1 minute 20 seconds) press 2-4 immediately. If you hear “Thank you...” then hang up and redo it. You will know that you got in when the operator gives you an estimate wait time and you will hear music. With the estimated wait time, double it. I was quoted 30-40 mins each time they didn’t pick up until almost 2 hrs.”

Another option is to walk-in to the local EDD office closest to your home.