Union FAQS

Why should faculty join the union? Now more than ever, our faculty should be members of the union. Our union represents faculty in grievances, negotiations, and in disputes with management. Our member dues support all of the activities of our union. Also, the higher percentage of the faculty that belongs to the union, the stronger our union will be with regards to negotiations, in the eyes of management, and to ourselves.

What does the union do for me?  Increases in salary and benefits have come about because of our active members negotiations. Maintain and improve our salaries, benefits, defend and improve our professional rights, get involved. It needs to have you as an active member.

How much are dues? The union dues for WVMFT are 1.2% of salary.

What is the Committee on Political Education (COPE)? The importance of the union's involvement in politics is very important, especially as public employees. We have the ability to shape our workplace in ways that unique to our profession. By law we are not allowed to use union dues directly for politics. We ask our members to make voluntary contribution to a separate fund called COPE to support public education. If we hope to influence the management of the West Valley Mission Community College District, our union needs to be politically active and influential.

What is a collective bargaining agreement (or CBA)? A collective bargaining is a contract between management and employees represented by a labor union. In the case of our union it is the agreement between the West Valley-Mission Federation of Teachers and the West Valley-Mission Community College District. This contract covers employee benefits, faculty rights, salaries and working conditions.

Who are our leaders? What is the structure of the union? Our local union leadership consists of an Executive Board of elected  District-wide officers, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and college specific officers represented by a full-time and a part-time officer. A council of 16 stewards represent faculty in various departments The Steward Council meets monthly to discuss union affairs, maintain the union's Constitution/By Laws and budget.