WVMFT supports Santa Clara University Part-time Faculty’s struggle to form 

Written by WVMFT

John M. Sobrato, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053

Dear Mr. Sobrato,
The West Valley Mission Federation of Teachers (WVMFT) Executive Board
wishes to express our support for the non-tenure track faculty at Santa Clara
University (SCU) who have been organizing with SEIU in an effort to gain
representation and collective rights. As members of the higher education
community in Silicon Valley, we understand that the struggles of non-tenured
faculty at SCU are not new. We call upon you to uphold the Jesuit values of SCU
on behalf of the adjunct faculty who are so important and integral to the
university community.
We encourage the Board’s openness to negotiating a third-party election
procedure working directly with SEIU Local 1021. We implore you to be fair and
just, and urge all parties to embrace a voting process that aligns with common,
reasonable practices. We believe that the outcome of an election should be
based on the results of votes cast. Setting a bar that counts as a “no” those who
do not vote is unfair and runs counter to SCUs values of social justice and ethical
We request that Santa Clara University remain committed to protecting the
right of non-tenure track faculty to decide whether to organize. We believe that
by strengthening our workforce we are making our communities and
organizations stronger and healthier. College educators deserve to be part of a
robust middle class and to achieve this every institution must do its part.
As Pope Francis stated, “there is no good society without good unions.” We
believe Santa Clara University’s Board of Trustees has a duty to live and act by
these words. We urge the Board to base its actions on the values taught to SCU
students. By taking the right steps today, SCU can help create a good union that
works for the good of all.


Kate Disney, WVMFT President